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A Physics-Based Battle Game Where Tactics Rule the Roost

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) is a simulation battle game where two different battalions fight it out against each other. You would choose the soldier units for both sides before spectating the two sides tearing into each other.

Vibrant gameplay

As aforementioned, you would be presented with myriad opposing soldiers of different unit types. Once you are done placing your units on both sides, hit the “start” button. The two opposing sides would then rush toward each other and launch attacks. The battle comes to an end after all soldiers on either side are killed. The game comprises a campaign comprising 20 levels, with different maps and various opposing enemy armies. You can procure as many troops you want, provided you don’t exceed your spending or troop limit. There is also a sandbox mode that has zero price limits.

A unique experience

The game offers you a unique and accurate warfare across ages. From advanced modern weaponry to medieval peasants, the physics-based simulation is effective and offers insight on some of the greatest historic battles that are not seen before in a game. You may pan your camera or view to see your warriors smashing into each other, hefting muskets, lobbing spears, and being flung by incoming artillery. The flailing, wacky polygon soldiers add a dose of surrealism that would make you smile.


  • Captures war madness surprisingly well
  • Lets you customize your battalion to the T
  • Vibrant combat
  • Variety of scenarios


  • Graphics could be better
  • Body physics is a bit wonky
  • Random crashing
  • Camera controls are unwieldy

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User reviews about Totally Accurate TABS Battle Simulator

  • Djok4n jebach

    by Djok4n jebach

    nice game and the units are funny and cool
    other levels are hard but epic


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